I Pik&chuse you!!

This Valentine’s day tell your partner that you love them as much as Ash Ketchum loves Pikachu with a self made card which says: Pik&chuse, I Pik&chuse you!


This card idea came about after a massive stint of FOMO when a Facebook friend’s boyfriend made her a Dorothy the Dinosaur birthday card because, well her name is Dorothy. I had to one-up her and make a bigger, better card for Valentine’s around the corner. It worked! I got more likes, more love from Price Charming and my Pikachu card was so immaculate, a Facebook friend thought Prince Charming was the one who made the card.

The card actually took a decent amount of time to make, drawing Pikachu in the correct proportions is harder than it looks, so attached below in the instructions is a Pikachu template. Although, with the template you might notice the feet and hands have been changed so it looks closer to Pikachu rather than Ratticlaw


What you will need

  • 1 sheet of A3 yellow card board (normal yellow not fluoro yellow)
  • Pink, red and brown coloured paper (plain origami paper works well)
  • A pencil for tracing
  • A black maker (can be whiteboard or permanent, I like the Sharpie brand)
  • Sharp, clean scissors for cutting the card
  • Glue stick
    1. Place the piece of cardboard in a landscape position, fold the piece of card board in half (from left to right preferable).


  1. Print out the template, either draw out Pikachu or blow up the template and sketch Pikachu. Make sure to draw the folded side marked with a dotted line on the folded side of the cardboard.
  2. Trace facial features and tail onto Pikachu
  3. Using the coloured paper, trace out:  hearts  (red paper), circles (pink paper) and tail patch (brown paper)
  4. Stick paper cut outs onto Pikachu according to the template
  5. Using the scissors, cut out Pikachu from folded cardboard. Be careful not to cut on the folded line.
  6. Outline Pikachu using the black marker, making sure to colour in his nose and ears.
  7. Open the card and write a lame Valentine’s message: Here are some serving suggestions:
  • Pik&chu, I Pick&chusssseee you
  • I Pik& Pik& Pik& Pikachuse you
  • I will never evolve and Raichu off
  • I still get an electric shock from you

If you don’t want Pik&Chu you can have any other Pokemon, just follow the same method but change the Pokemon you draw. Here are some suggestions:

For you are magikarp hahaha….lame.

For your our partner has become so metrosexual you can’t differentiate his gender anymore as “your looks are starting to Jynx me”.

For “I still Diglett you”

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