The Filet O Fish Loophole

At the time of writing, the gourmet Filet O Fish burger is an unaffordable $4.75. And no, that’s not the small McValue meal, that’s just the tiny,  unsatisfying minibun burger.

How can I enjoy a filet o fish when I can’t even afford it without a loophole?

Being 25 years old, my parents no longer pay for my McDonald’s trips and all McExpenses are paid for out of my own pocket. So here today is the Filet O Fish loophole, which willl save you $1.35 cents off the retail price.

The Filet-O-Fish Loophole


  • 1 Chicken N Cheese with no McChicken patty and no sauce $1.40
  • 1 Filet O Fish patty $1.60
  • 1 serving of tartare sauce $0.40

Total: $3.40



Here’s how:

The Chicken N Cheese is initially $3, but for non loose change menu items, removing protein inputs lowers the cost, without out the McChicken patty it comes to a total of $1.40. You are left with a bun and a half slice of cheese.

Open this bun and slide in your Filet O Fish patty. Using a straw, or cutlery of provided, spread tartare sauce onto the bun. You now have a Filet O Fish burger.


I don’t have photos of the individual inputs because my local McDonald’s branch nicely took all the shame out if this loophole for me and assembled my burger for me. Shame free savings=winning in life!!! Hopefully your local McDonald’s will understand your life problems and free you of any shame too.

I haven’t eaten a Filet O Fish in over 10 years, as I couldn’t afford it before this. However, this loophole tastes just like what I’ve been dreaming about for the last 10 years. It’s just like a cheeseburger but with the dry, cheap crumbed fish fillet with the tangy tackiness that only McDonald’s can master.

Shame analysis
As you can see from the My Maccas shame calculator below.


The fair value of the Fillet O Fish Loophole is $3.40, estimating the intrinsic value of the inputs to be:

  • Fillet O Fish patty: $1.60
  • 1/2 slice of cheese: $0.25
  • Tartare sauce: $0.40
  • Cheeseburger bun: $1.15
  • Shame: $1.35

Here are some ways to reallocate that $1.35 saving shame:

  • Perform the McFlurry Loophole for $1.10
  • Perform the McNuggets Loophole for $1.60
  • Add bacon to your Filet-O-Fish for $1
  • Small fries for $1
  • Four soft serve cones for $1.20
  • Apple pie for $1.50

Happy savings!!!

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7 thoughts on “The Filet O Fish Loophole

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  3. Hey! I found your blog through this similar ozbargain hack, and thought I’d suggest you investigate the price of ordering the individual bun and cheese too; The author of that post ordered all components individually to get a $3.15 McChicken.

    Have been using the ‘McNuggets loophole’ as you call it for years, will definitely be using the others you have shared now that I know them! Thanks!

    • Hi josh! Thanks for the share. I just saw the McChicken loophole. When I find a friend I am going to try it as soon as possible. Or ill go to two closely located McDonalds and order the components separately. Im lovin it!

  4. Hi Gemma, just discovered your site through OzBargain and I am loving these loopholes.
    One thing I noted while reading this post is that while the Chicken N Cheese and the Filet O’ Fish do share the same bun (regular), as a former maccas employee I know the Filet O Fish bun gets steamed as opposed to getting toasted like the rest of them. (Which explains the full steam ahead line on the packaging for the filet o fish you have pictured)

    • Hey John thanks for the heads up. Will try that when I find a friend or have time to visit two closely located McDonald’s restaurants. Ahhhh steamed bun, damn its not the same. …..but hey could always steam the bun using the bathroom’s hairdryer?? 🙂

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