The McNuggets Loophole

There is no chicken nugget in the world which can beat the iconic McNugget. Apparently since late 2007, McNuggets are made from 100% chicken breast meat, although I have a feeling this 100% is really a lie with the majority of McNuggets comprised of carcass, fat, skin, gristle, bones, nerves and blood vessels, oh and sodium phosphates to dye to dubious contents a nice white colour. I don’t mind eating McNuggets with all its mysterious elements but like the McFlurry, it is just really unfair that consumers in Australia have to pay so much to eat such great tasting, poor quality, trash. I mean what the hell McDonald’s Australia, $5.45 for a six pack of McNuggets? That’s just unfair extortion of the poor, uneducated, unhealthy, obese and/or extremely drunk stereotypes who habitually eat McDonald’s!

Well not anymore my friends, here is another loophole to save you money at checkout and get your petty revenge with the Golden Arches.

The McNuggets Loophole

The trick is to order McChicken patties instead of McNuggets. You see, one McChicken patty is equal to a little bit more than four McNuggets and is only $1.60. (Proof below)


The McChicken patty also tastes better as it has something like 11 herbs and spices, and it contains more white breast meat than the McNuggets which seem to have a questionable texture and after taste. So, by doing the McNuggets Loophole you are actually getting a higher quality product for less.


The only downfall of the McNuggets Loophole is that you don’t get your sauce included and have to pay 50 cents for each sauce packet be it sweet & sour, barbeque or mustard. However, even when the cost of sauce is included into the price calculations you are still winning by around by miles with savings ranging from 15 cents to 43 cents per a McNugget.

Savings per a McNugget

Shame Involved with the McNuggets Loophole

As we established from the McFlurry Loophole, McDonald’s has grossly underestimated the number of Australians who have no shame (i.e. shame=0) and the extortionate price differences are reflective of one’s pride and shame. So doing some simple calculations, the cost savings of shame involved has been estimated for each McNuggets combination available in Australia.

McNuggets Cost Comparison Table

McNuggets Cost Graph

As you can see, the shame involved with the McNuggets Loophole varies depending on size, with the 10 pack having the least shame and the 40 pack, which is offered as a McNugget Party in Germany for only €10, having the greatest amount of shame. The low price of the German engineered McNugget party just proves that at any exchange rate greater than 1 AUD = €0.4, Australian consumers are seriously getting ripped off on McNuggets.

Enjoy your savings lack of shame with the McNuggets Loophole.

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14 thoughts on “The McNuggets Loophole

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  2. get a life, if you don’t wanna be ripped off…buy normal food? hows that, i solved all your problems!

  3. Thank you for your awesome idea! Found your awesome page through ozbargain. I did this yesterday, together with the Mcflurry loophole and it felt awesome saving ~$5. Thinking of trying this trick with KFC nuggets/patties.

    • Who gets nuggets @ KFC anyway???
      best KFC deal I could imagine is getting a box meal with a dinner roll, purchasing a 2nd dinner roll and then separating the chicken (or fillets) and making your own sliders. Not sure if it’s as cost effective as the Mc Shameful Nuggets goldmine above, but yeah.

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  5. You seriously need to get a life! Do something better with your goddamn time than analysing chicken mcnuggets. The world is not a better place because of this analysis. Typical asian… always thinking about food!

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  7. Oh how I wish we were friends, we’d have so much to talk about. I started using this loophole in 2007, just before the GFC hit. Though not due to financial foresight – I was just cheap. (And the couple dollars saved far outweighed the opportunity cost of shame).
    Also, I feel your pain re: Sydney property market. Keep saving + writing, whoever ‘anonymous’ is (above) is clearly a dick. So is Ryan Mcgregor. If you went into maccas and ordered a bun, with extra turd, you’d get a McGregor (Ryan) and it would cost you $3.75 (extremely over-priced).
    Unfortunately, I have no insult for ‘anonymous’.
    PS. I especially enjoyed your graph.

  8. Haha… Stumbled upon your blog by accident, and what a great accident it was! Loved your graphs and the level of detail you’ve gone to show the savings! Bloody gold! Will be sure to share it with my fellow titeass friends haha..
    Ps, ‘hello racist troll..” Hahaahhaahahahah…. Hilarious ! Write some more – I’m lovin it , forgive the pun 😉

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